Are you an able-bodied Sasquatch?

Are you an able-bodied Sasquatch aged 10 to 150 who loves his or her country? If so, you should give serious consideration to a future in the Sasquatch Militia. That’s right, the militia out to help protect The Republic of Cascadia is in need of new recruits. The training you get is great, and the pay, well, it’s like nothing you’ve had before. Graduating with such skills as stomping, boulder throwing, log swinging, de-limbing, salmon wielding, inducing fear with howls, ancient Yeti martial arts, how can you go past this opportunity if you are of the Sasquatchian species. And it’s something to remember that you will be surrounded by your kind, so no specisim, making fun of your excess body hair or height.

Remember: The Republic of Cascadia needs your help!



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