Of course the good ol’ United States wouldn’t want to stop the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. Bush probably woke up the day Israel stepped up and probably thought he was still dreaming. Here was a war in the oil-ridden Middle East that he didn’t have to start! Oil prices skyrocket, gold prices head upwards, the real American “leaders” (leading the country with their own hip-pocket) are getting richer by the missile launch. And they get to keep their hands clean and don’t have to face the negative public backlash. All the while, it isn’t their people dying over there is it? Nor is it their son or daughter on the front line in Iraq or in Afghanistan. Whether it’s justifiable or not is a separate discussion, but in good ol’ America’s eyes (and their chum England’s) why not let the two fight it out. At least England have said the U.N. needs to intervene, though, much good that will be without unanimous backing, or even with, how could they stop it all?



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