When I didn’t think I could probably muster the th…

When I didn’t think I could probably muster the thought to post anything more amusing that my prior post (which, granted, was a poor attempt), I am provided with, well, this:

Boxer Mundine keen to move into politics


I can’t even understand that joker, and that was before he had his face beat in for a job. One part of me wants to see him successfully go into politics, get elected and go into parliament only to get ripped to shreds by the educated/more articulate jokers that fill the seats.

But then the other side of me doesn’t actually want ‘The Man’ anywhere near to the place where I am (supposedly) represented by someone I didn’t vote for. Mundine wants to bang the desk and beat his chest about how the government is racist and that. Well, without starting that debate, lets say, hypothetically, that there are those types of ‘extreme’ views in parliament. Is it a better idea to throw in Mundine, the opposite of the spectrum, but still, by far, the holder of ‘extreme’ views, than to simply remove these so-called racists that are flooding the parliament, according to Anthony?

Get back in the ring son. You need to understand what a racist bigot actually is before you call someone that. I’m sure that your local library could provide you with a dictionary for a whole of five minutes to get some ‘big words’ into your vocabulary and then, once you’re proficient enough, you can call everyone anything you want, as long as, of course, it can be backed by evidence and the like.



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