The always eloquent Samuel Gordon-Stewart has blow…

The always eloquent Samuel Gordon-Stewart has blown the world away with his oratory and interview skills. Now, any Gordon-Stewart-aniac would know just how masterful Samuel is on his Samuel’s Persiflage. However, I have just finished listening to Samuel get a grilling on You Are The Guest, and it is, by far, one of the greatest interviews in the world! It keeps you on the edge of you seat the whole way through. Waiting for Samuel’s opinion, waiting for Samuel’s answer, waiting for Samuel’s rhetoric. As Samuel says, you can find the interview right here.

It makes young Samuel seem all the more human (not that I ever doubted with his startling, vivid, hand-made Samuel in Dolgnwot cartoons) and just that little harder (for those unscrupulous people out there) to pick on. It’s a heart-wrenching interview, it pulls on all your emotions, it plays on your conscious. It’s one of those things that you will tell your grandchildren about in x-amount of years.

There is only two critiques:

– I wouldn’t say that most people are against Israel in the Israel/Lebanon war in as much as certain groups are for certain peoples. Those “brainwashed” by the media as to the ‘running rampart Muslim terrorists’, planes crashing out of the sky every second of the day, those convinced they are living in a World of fear are believing that Israel is in the right. Then all the anti-Jewish groups (which are barbarous and absolutely disgusting in their own respects) are saying Israel is wrong. Then there are the people in the middle that just don’t give a crap unfortunately. And in the crap, individualistic World people live in nowadays, what can you expect?

– Samuel says that the state of Australia is reasonable. Though that is his opinion, which he is entitled to, I would beg to differ. My response would range between craptacular and fucked. But that’s just me. Perhaps us ‘City-folk’ only get to see the high petrol prices, increasing interest rate, late trains, water restriction, inept government, a shambled education system, a society that is falling apart with each murder, rape, robbery, theft, an increase in isolationism and other moral decays that have resulted from our own actions. But I hear that Canberra is a much more relaxed place. I wonder if Samuel knows of any places to rent ….



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