Thus follows the latest email sent to the strong-w…

Thus follows the latest email sent to the strong-willed Samuel Gordon-Stewart:


Once again, thank-you for the mention in your latest Persiflage, that being number seven in the series, and reading out the feedback I sent you in regards to your sixth episode. I must inform you that, for myself, the arrival of a new Persiflage was, indeed, a surprise, as it was not truly expected so soon. I wish to thank-you for that as well.

I am disappointed (though hardly in your fine self, but more along the lines of my own logic falling short) that you think my idea would not accomplish its goal. However, after deliberating more upon this topic, I have come to agree with you view of the situation concerning the (effective) hijacking and theft of Australia’s phone lines, and the unsolicited, unwanted and unrequited phones call we are receiving daily, and further, the scams that are doing the rounds, both on land-lines and cellular phones, ensnaring, exploiting and deceiving the unsuspecting (for the most part) Australian public. That is why, along with the emails and messages of concern and grievance to the appropriate parties I suggested in my earlier email, we should begin now to organise a vigilante group, or something to that effect. This group would not only try to attempt to return control of our phone lines, the phone lines that we pay for and should have complete and utter control over, to the owner, but we could also campaign against the school closures that you are so vehemently opposed to, as one should be. This group could convene whenever necessary: to fight against the unjust, to right the wrongs and to do good. All this in the name of Samuel Gordon-Stewart, carried out by the man himself and his devoted fans and well-wishers! Please put some thought into this; we could even have matching uniforms and a mascot in Nattie. However, we may have to call it something other than a vigilante group, as I believe it would have associations, and possibly performed actions, that would break dissidence laws that Mr. Howard has managed to pass. Perhaps something along the lines of “SG-S Happy Fun Group”?

Clayton Northcutt.

Band together, comrades, and fight the scourge of the Earth that is capitali ….. wait, no, we are fighting against annoying and bothersome telemarketers! They bug the hell out of everyone, more so the people that are unemployed/stay-home parents/university students, who answers the phone during the day, and come to hear either a computer on one end or a delay


“Hello Mr. Northcutt. How are you today?”

This is really what I have come to expect when I answer the phone during the day. So much so that now I answer if I can be bothered to stand from the chair I am in and walk a whole of six to seven metres to pick up the receiver.

But the SG-S Happy Fun Group could change this for the better. Join the rank and file of the only vigilante group that is willing to stand up against those pesky, echoing, delayed phone calls, those ridiculous, deceptive, dishonest scams and those exploited, under-paid, though annoying none-the-less Indian telemarketers!



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