In what would be construed as a homage of sorts to…

In what would be construed as a homage of sorts to Thomast, the young, witty and clever Mr. Samuel Gordon-Stewart has included some of my prior activities in his latest post on his blog, In it he relays to us his ‘adventures’ of, yes, scamming the scammers, an activity I throughly enjoyed, though have subsequently failed to recieve any further ‘invites’ to take part in conterfiet whitegoods rings and illegal Russian money.

I was quite humbled (an experience rarely had by me) to read that the ever-so-popular Samuel not only enjoyed my little pranks, but decided that he would like to take part in them as well. Suffice to say, I will remember this day for quite some time.

Good luck to the young chap. It’s nice to see that, although Samuel doesn’t appear to be up for my vigilante idea, he is a keen spirit at dealing out retribution to those that make this world a disgusting, revolting, evil and fearful world. Though the efforts of two mere bloggers from Australia will far from adequately deal out the punishment these people deserve, I do hope that word spreads, through the millions and millions of Samuel Gordon-Stewarts’ fans and the dozen or so of Thomas’ fans (or blog-frequenters, as fans may insinuate some sort of ‘like’).

Power to the people, Samuel. Power to the people.



One thought on “In what would be construed as a homage of sorts to…

  1. Well done Mr Northcutt. Your valiant efforts on behalf of all consumers have been rewarded by well deserved recognition on Samuel’s blog. I sincerely hope that this will embolden the followers of your cause, perhaps leading to further recognition with an interview on the subject on the widely renowned Samuel’s Persiflage.

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