CityRail Adventures 3

When the tough gets going, CityRail bites you in the ass. The tough, in this case, was an obvious lack of quality and length of blog posts on my part (not to take away from Mr. Annon, of course, who appears to have revitalised my blog of sorts). And, yes, CityRail strikes again. Why is it that whenever I cannot think of a topic, subject or theme to blog about, CityRail steps from the shadows of the alley and offers me a line of coke?

Or rhetoric I guess in this case.

Either way, here are some words of advice that everyone should abide by in their life:

Just as you can count on the sun rising after setting, you can have as much faith in NOT relying on CityRail.

Now where am I coming from? Well, anyone who disembarked from the train that pulled into East Hills, oh, fifteen minutes ago or so, would fully well know my problem. You see, CityRail purports to have (and run by?) a timetable, which I suspect that they suspect a customer can rely on for consistency (that word is probably CityRail’s arch-nemises). Not that any customer does rely on it, as we just rock up to a station at some general time and hope that a train manages to stop long enough to get on and is going in the same direction as our want.

However, damnation be to the timetable this afternoon! CityRail (I suspect out of decision, though I could accept out of need) caused my regular train of Central to Campbelltown to be fifteen minutes late on its arrival, and changed it to express. What does express mean? It means they tell the driver to stop at less stations, but drive slower as well.

Now, the all stations train to East Hills, while inviting (well, not really) gets in fifteen minutes (roughly) after the Campbelltown one that I usually traverse. Thus, I forgo it. I did, once again today, and then, to my grand amazement, arrival times change, stations stopped changed, and I ended up waiting fifteen minutes (probably more) for the Express.

Now the change to Express didn’t bother me that much; the fact that it was late did. However, CityRail should spare a thought for the senile, the elderly, the incapacitated and anyone over the age of 30, because these people had a serious comprehension problem with this change. As a regular ‘getter’ of this train, I see other regulars who, with due note, get off before I (lucky them). Now, I wouldn’t put it past CityRail to not make adequate announcements about changes to stopping patterns, but I also wouldn’t put it past person older than me to not have a firm grip on reality. Therefore, upon arriving at Sydenham, I was surprised that a group, who always get off at Kingsgrove, got on the train that would crawl between Sydenham and East Hills without stop.

With a narcissistic smile, I continued to dine on my lavish meal for the day of Smith’s Cheese and Onion crisps and Sprite. My smile widened when we flew past Kingsgrove and said people were left standing their, looking for want after their station, then, with perplexed looks, at one another. The poor people would have to endure the hellish ride, with your’s truly, all the way to the lush, green valleys of East Hills. Eventually, when we arrived, we all got off, and, once again, being uninformed and mental-aged, they couldn’t quite work out where to go, what to do, to get the train sitting on the other station to get home. They really had no idea, and they showed it to. That was their problem. See, if I am ever lost, or in a situation like this, I pretend I’m not. I walk around like I live in the place. Granted, it makes things a lot worse, but at least I don’t look senile.

So, yeah, long story short, and the Cliff’s Notes of things:
– NEVER rely on CityRail
– DON’T get old
– If you are lost, get LOSTER

And your life will be a breeze!



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