For those who check comments posted on the blog by…

For those who check comments posted on the blog by others (though, lets face it, you probably don’t in fears you may have to read more of my diatribe in the form of a reply), your wait is over. For everyone else waiting for something else (and not actually what I’m about to talk about) here’s the news:

A while ago, the 24th of September to be precise, Chuck A. Spear (of Samuel Gordon-Stewart’s blog fame, and, of recent times, seen at Deus Lo Vult), who is a writer for the website, asked if I were interested in writing for that site as well. After some back-and-forth emails, we came to an agreement.

Then a fortnight passed, and Thomas had written nothing. Not a word. It wasn’t that I couldn’t think of anything (though I couldn’t think of much as the posting activity on my blog was rather sparse at the time as well), but I couldn’t think of anything that would make an appropriate debut post.

Then, last night, I emailed Mr. Spear with a copy of my YouTube concern post (the second below here) and hoped (to the heavens above) that it would be, in fact, something that would at least be returned to me saying “It’s good, but not good enough” rather than the dread, two-page long HAHAHA~ email I could have received.

However, to my dismay, it was actually published. Right here, complete with appropriate title and all.

Now I sit and hope, now, that it doesn’t get ridiculed … well, I don’t really care if it does, because I liked it, and apparently so did a few others. Anyway, wish the readers luck in finding the cognitive plane* that I exist in …

Or wish it to me. Either way.


*Not necessarily higher. In fact, likely to not be higher.


2 thoughts on “For those who check comments posted on the blog by…

  1. It is in fact a very good post, and given my track record on some things you have done in the past, Clayton, that is praise indeed. 😉

  2. Thank-you very much for this lofty praise indeed. I’m glad that there is appreciation for the post, as it could very well be the closest thing to a real/personal post I have done.

    Thank-you again.

    Clayton Northcutt.

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