It is with unpleasant feelings (though with no reg…

It is with unpleasant feelings (though with no regret) that I inform readers that I have had to unlink one of the blogs that was previously found to the right: New Lines From A Floating Life. This has happened for one main reason: in writing on the topic of the recent “speeches”/disgusting, revolting and abhorred rhetoric made by the crackpot Sheikh over here in Australia, far from agreeing with his ridiculous claims, the author went so far as to (in my, as a simple reader’s, opinion) defend his right to say such things.

No body has that right. No body has, nor should they ever have, the right to say such things as he did. Whether he was “quoting” someone else, repeating the words or reiterating them, there is no place in this country, nay, any civilised country to make such absurd claims as he did, and then, feign illness (come no, we all know he was), only to return to the public spotlight and say he will not rest until, what was it, the world is cleaned of the White House? (I assume it is obvious, for those knowing what this whack-job said, why I choose not to quote his initial remarks)

Lovely. Absolutely lovely. This is exactly why the world is such a great place to live in and why we all live in harmony and peace here in the “lucky country”.

Give me a break.

I’m prepared to receive the reminder that this isn’t the views of all Muslims, that they all dislike him yadda yadda yadda. Frankly, here’s how I see it: some representatives are speaking out against this guy. Good on them. Where are the protests in the streets, ala when The Prophet cartoons were published in Denmark across the world? Where are the burning effigies of the Sheikh, ala Bush, Howard, Blair? It’s the fact that the mass body of Muslims arn’t standing up , literally, and all saying something and being heard, that makes it quite obvious that there are some who actually agree with what he was saying!!!

I have a contact in a Muslim setting surrounded by people of the faith, predominantly, the next generation. He told me, and I trust this man, that they, boys and girls, male and female teenagers, were supporting and actively arguing that the Sheikh and his comments. Now if the future of the Muslim faith believe this, and the “hardcore followers”, as one credible source said (enough to constitute and assembly) believe him, then who’s to say that two generations from now, as the children of today become parents (the same children who believe his shit now), majority of the Muslim community, in Australia, will then believe the comments made as well?

I know my comments may rub against the grain of some, but honestly, I don’t care. Why should I? If it’s because I’m towing some culturalist/racist (though I don’t see how Muslim, the faith, constitutes a race) line, so be it. If it’s because I’m saying something people don’t want to hear, here’s a suggestion: protest what Sheikh Jackass said before you criticise me. Actually say something that can be heard to denounce his ideas before you try and lay a literary finger on Thomas. To get back to the point I started this post out with, supposedly people in Australia have the right to say absolute B.S., and mine is very far from being that anyway. I mean, this guy can say the shit he did, why should anyone stop people from saying homophobic things? Then out-right racist remarks? Then something like Nazism? I deplore each of the last three categories, but if you are prepared to defend a person’s right to say whatever they want, then you must allow all people to saying anything they want. You can’t have these double standards. Hard to police? Yes. Is it something common sense would prevail over? Absolutely.

So, yes, my links list is one link shorter, and it may take a small miracle to get back on. That’s not to say I do not recommend reading the site. I expect I will return as-per-usual. However, I feel that by ‘advertising’ the page here, I am advocating (somewhat) the things the author says. And with people being allowed to say whatever they want, whenever they want these days (and have people defend that right), I can’t say I honestly want to take the chance on someone who has political, social and moral convictions of such a high degree, caliber and capacity as Ninglun.



One thought on “It is with unpleasant feelings (though with no reg…

  1. Sorry to read this, as after all I made it very clear I do not agree with the Sheikh. I hope I have redeemed myself a little with my post on it today. I am merely trying to see him as objectively as possible; I am certainly not advocating his position, and think (as do quite a few Muslims apparently) we could well do without someone whom I did describe after all as a “goose”. Even my National Party friend Jim could see where I was coming from.

    Regards. In deference, though, I have omitted the site link below.

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