It’s a blue world

Now that the Democrats have taken control of, well, everything except Bush’s veto-signing pen, already people are being held accountable for their failures of the past four years, ala Donald “I used to have a job” Rumsfeld. I expect that John Bolton’s, the United States’ U.N. Ambassador, days are numbered. The Democrats didn’t want him anywhere near, well, any job that would require responsibility, and the only way he got his Ambassadorship was when Bush appointed him when Congress was adjourned, and his temporary position is up when Congress, the Democrat’s Congress, resumes action. Already his name has been resubmitted, but with every Democrat going to laugh at the idea, and a significant Republican snickering in the corner as well, there ain’t no chance Bolton is going to be able to bully and B.S. his way through this one. How he even got in in the first place is beyond me, he has the least amount of diplomatic experience of those that could have been up for the job, absolutely the wrong views (even I, a fan of criticising the U.N.) about the U.N. and participation with it and his general behaviour in positions whereby he can bully and barge his way through to his intended destination. Simply, Bolton appears to see the United States and the United Nations one and the same, and has feelings of contempt and disregard for such an institution.

At least the welfare cues will have some friendly faces for him.

On two additional notes, and for my St. Ives Correspondent in particular, I have an article that really covers what everyone following the current American political scene (and supporting the Democrats) is thinking, and a quote that will surely reassure our hopes in the ’08 Presidential Elections:

“But in order to change history, we now have to work even harder to turn last night’s result into tomorrow’s progress. I’ll be asking you to help me do this in the days and months to come, and I can’t wait to get to work.”
Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL)



2 thoughts on “It’s a blue world

  1. Thanks for the link and your special mention of my interest in the subject. With recognition like this I may become the Clayton to your Samuel!!

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