So here is the worrying truth. Over to the right t…

So here is the worrying truth. Over to the right there can e found a link to something called the Political Compass. By now everyone would have heard of it; it’s very popular among bloggers and people who are interested in politics (of country and themself).

Now I take it twice a year, and have done so for about three years now. There has been a worrying trend as I do this that my little red dot has been moving lower and lefter since I took the test towards the end of last year in comparison to when I took the test the three times prior.

To my shock, awe and horror … well, I’ll let the picture tell you.

Left! I’ve hit the left! What has happened? In the beginning of the year some can imagine my surprise when I found the dot four spaces to the right and on the horizontal. While still on the right of the centre, it was a dramatic difference to my original testings on it when I was at the extreme right (I was probably off the graph) and a couple of spaces from the utmost top. And for three tests it hovered around there.

Now look where I am! I can honestly say that I would never have expected


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