It’s very rare that I recommend a book to people (…

It’s very rare that I recommend a book to people (animals, on the other hand, not so rare), because, well, I don’t particularly enjoy reading, because most things I am meant to read are supposedly “compulsory”, thus I steer away from reading altogether (probably my form of rebellion, or a pathetic attempt at ‘sticking it to the system’, who knows).

But I have stumbled upon a must read for anyone who enjoys the following:

– Irony
– Satire
– Poking fun at Americans
– Blogs
– Charles Firth

Yes, Charles Firth, the same man from CNNNN, The Chaser Decides and The Chaser’s War On Everything. Quite the comedian and impersonator. And now, author. American Hoax is one of, if not, the best political/comedy/sociological book I have ever read.

In short, Firth invents and acts as four Internet persona, from different socio-economic classes and political affiliation, all Americans, and tries to get a shoe-in with the current pundit/political opinion scene. The best part is the success he finds and the surprisingly easy path he walks (for certain characters) to said success.

Go and get it. American Hoax.



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