After posting that last post, I went through and h…

After posting that last post, I went through and had a look at all the posts that were uncompleted drafts, and saw that some just couldn’t be completed or the moment had passed and were no longer applicable. So, I’ve decided to make a post out of the un-postable.

Here’s what I was writing when the third Ashes Test was happening, just after the first day or two when, notably, Monty had finally been included in the team:

Is there a spare seat! I’ve been knocked to the ground by an actual cricket match!Who did England get in the past few days to teach them the ropes of this sport? Who? This certainly can’t be the same team that got flogged at the GABBA and then slaughtered at the SACA. But, then again, it ain’t. Monty Panesar and Sajid Mahmood are in, Ashley Giles and James Anderson are out, and what a difference it’s been!

While Mahmood’s impact on the match, so far, has been low-key, having a new bowler in the line-up, one ready to prove himself and show that he can compete with the big-boys (of which hardly any other English cricketer has shown thus far on the tour) will sprick up a team with his individual enthusiasm I think.

And then there is Monty. Already turning the game around. Why the selectors didn’t put him in, as has already been said a million times, is ridiculous for whatever reasons. Talking about it can’t change the fact England is two to zip in the series thus far.

Like I said, some things just can’t be completed. That because the test is long gone and because England lost, horribly again, and while Monty had a part to play, Mahmood was a bit of a disappointment, and continues to be. Whether that’s the selector’s fault, his fault, or the team’s, it’s hard to judge.Here’s the start of a post I would have finished if: a) I had saved the picture of the graph that you get when you do the Political Compass test, and b) If I could be stuffed going and doing the test again to try and get the same result to get the picture of the graph again. Anyway, here goes:

So here is the worrying truth. Over to the right there can e found a link to something called the Political Compass. By now everyone would have heard of it; it’s very popular among bloggers and people who are interested in politics (of country and themself).Now I take it twice a year, and have done so for about three years now. There has been a worrying trend as I do this that my little red dot has been moving lower and lefter since I took the test towards the end of last year in comparison to when I took the test the three times prior.

To my shock, awe and horror … well, I’ll let the picture tell you.

Left! I’ve hit the left! What has happened? In the beginning of the year some can imagine my surprise when I found the dot four spaces to the right and on the horizontal. While still on the right of the centre, it was a dramatic difference to my original testings on it when I was at the extreme right (I was probably off the graph) and a couple of spaces from the utmost top. And for three tests it hovered around there.

Now look where I am!

That was a worrying period. Worrying enough that I haven’t gone and done the test again to scare the bajeezers out of me again. Out of sight, out of mind, right?Another cricket post, and this one lasted for a couple of lines before I ran out of effort. I still think it would make for a good post, and certainly a talking point:

Is Kevin Pietersen the last great modern player?Obviously batting, and cricket, is entering a new phase. This modern era doesn’t exactly value technical finesse as much as it does ‘flashy’ play. Prime examples of that are Brett Lee, Fred Flintoff, Shoaib Akhtar, Adam Gilchrist (probably a rare example of holding abilities from both eras)

I was going on the basis that Pietersen is quite effective in his unorthodox, unique and non-textbook style, and anything further away from ‘the textbook’ would only begin to create bad batters.

This was the start of my post when the latest comments from everybody’s favourite Sheik hit the waves:

The best thing about last straws is that no matter what their weight is, they break the camel’s back. Whether it’s light or heavy, the camel is fucked.




But my motto is if you’re going down, you go down in a blaze of glory.




Just like this.




Seriously, this guy is so friggin’ hilarious that I almost hope that there are no repercussions.




Then again, I think of all the poor people that this guy represents … actually, no, they aren’t poor people. Even though this guy represents a community of people who are already claiming persecution, racism etc., nothing is going to be done by the people he represents. Just like last time.Now, don’t put word’s in my mouth. I’m certainly not saying that what Sheik Dropkick says is what all other Muslims believe, but with Joe Blow, out in the ‘burbs, living his ‘white’ life, surrounded by other people living in exactly the same fashion, watching exactly the same news, reporting on exactly the same sources, something interesting happens.

See, supposedly (by Sheik 2×4’s expectations), ‘white’ Australia and the media just needs to be given an inch and we’ll take a mile. What does that mean? Apparently we’re predisposed to hate Muslims.

That last post may come off as a little abrupt, but do note that I never finished, and never had a chance to explain my position or smooth over any abrasive parts.

So those are the drafts I’m talking about, and the drafts that will now remain drafts forever. I do have two movie and a politics posts that I can and will finish because they are already lengthy and a few lines from complete. Plus, I can motivate myself into finishing them because the topics are so good. So keep an eye out for them.



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