Well well well. Ok, what is your opinion on the u…

Well well well.

Ok, what is your opinion on the unequal distribution of G.S.T. revenue among the states, and what will be your individual approach (assuming that you won’t have a collective approach as neither Labour or the Liberals will touch you with a ten-foot, twenty-foot, thirty-foot poll) to this issue?

Or exactly how are you going to tackle the issue of the problems at Auburn hospital? What sort of fiscal proposal will you submit or suggest to the Premier to alleviate these pressing troubles in your electorate?

And with these national terror laws you’re attempting to abolish at the state level, what would you have in their place? Wait, that’s right, you would have nothing and wait until we actually have an attack in Australia. Because only after the attack do we have terrorists, right? I mean we of course wouldn’t have terrorists in our borders before an attack. It’s common sense people!

Oh, and it’s nice to see Mr. Habib rewriting the dictionary to include “no school, no study, people are staying in the streets looking for jobs” as a form of torture. I thought the Yanks saying waterboarding wasn’t a form or torture was a bit far-fetched, but this is off the scale at the other end.

The end result is this: there’s another whack out there thinking that he should go to some level of government so that everyone can hear his voice louder. His story should be listened to. His injustice is noteworthy. But government isn’t a place for activism. Otherwise the Greens and the Socialist Alliance would have much more popularity. What people want are level-headed, commonsense, real-shit people. Not this guy.

I refrained from commenting on that idiot Mundine’s supposed run for government, and then Sheik Retard’s rumoured run, then his blessing or support or what ever of (expectedly) Muslim candidates. But this was too good to leave out. It had best be obvious and crystal clear to the people of Auburn that this guy has no political know-how or idea as to how things are run or what the hell he should do if he gets elected, because it’s bloody clear to me!



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