So when South Africa couldn’t manage to beat even …

So when South Africa couldn’t manage to beat even Bangladesh, I was hoping that the Australian team would throw their match against England so that South Africa and England went to equal points. Fortunately or unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and now West Indies and England only need to win one match a piece of their important matches to equal South Africa.

I do hope former ranked number one South Africa don’t make the semis. Bunch of hacks.



2 thoughts on “So when South Africa couldn’t manage to beat even …

  1. Well said Thomas!! Lets all hope for South Africa to miss out on the semis. It will make coaching my cricket teams far more enjoyable!

    On another point, this world cup has become a world bore. A week between games for the Aussies – What a joke. This thing is taking longer to complete than the Olympics! Lets face it there are only a handful of nations that can play the game. Its taking too long!!

  2. Exactly. It should have started, really, with the Super Eight, and much to my disappointment, have Pakistan and India in instead of Bangladesh and Ireland. Seriously, why are they competing in the first place? Then you either make it round robin, or two losses and you’re out or something simple.

    The only thing that keeps me interested is Australia pissing all the teams off, one by one, simply by beating them. We’ve already put most of the countries back in their place, now onto New Zealand.

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