God obviously isn’t a cricket fan. Damn I hate wea…

God obviously isn’t a cricket fan. Damn I hate weather. This is why important events should be held in Australia: we don’t get crap weather (hell, we couldn’t pray for rain if we wanted to) and we have a stadium with a damn roof on it!

Why couldn’t a gang of hoodlums hold up the bowler yesterday evening? At least I wouldn’t have to watch a God-awful repeat of South Africa getting killed again without the entertainment of police and criminal evidence and what-have-you.

I’m giving this game another fifteen, then I’m going to bed. I’ve been up since 4:00am and don’t plan to watch the sun rise if it means watching some half-assed, Twenty20 rip-off match rather than a real World Cup final.


Edit: Obviously the cricketing Gods fear the wrath of Thomas, because with three minutes left to the match, bing-bang-bam the covers were off and we had a 38 over a piece match ready to get started. Of course, I could be hasty with this edit and the rain comes back, but here’s hoping for a good clean match and an Australian win.

Should have stayed up longer Markus.



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