Everyone, by now, should probably know what my top…

Everyone, by now, should probably know what my top five films are (and if you don’t, it’s on the right, a scroll down), which includes the unmatched, in terms of complexity, layers of interpretation and pure camera work, Donnie Darko. Now, I’m not about to get into a review of this fantastic film (just yet) like I did with Amelie some time ago, however, I would like to draw people’s attention to the stand out single-shot camera work that is my most memorable scene from DD. It’s so … I don’t know, but I watch this scene and I love it. It’s so unique in that there is no cutting and the single shot from the one camera is so smooth and continuous. It’s very cleverly shot, bouncing off from one character to another, and manages to introduce people we haven’t even seen yet, but preface the meeting we are about to have with a little snippet of information.

Also, the music, Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears is just so apt. I think I remember listening to the commentary where the director said that he had the music before the filming and shot to suit, but I may be wrong. The scene, regardless, seems to have that effect, so it was either lucky music selection or fantastic adaption of the camera to music.

Anyway, this could go on for some time, so instead, I’ll sum up by saying: watch this video (some criminal has posted it on YouTube, thankfully), and what I’m raving about in the previous paragraph is 00:14 – 2:10. Now, while the rest of the scene is interesting as well, it’s the single shot that I’m mostly drawn to.



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