I watch The Amazing Race and I often wonder who I …

I watch The Amazing Race and I often wonder who I would team up with out of everyone I know to kick ass and win. Same with Survivor – what team of eight I would pick out of all my acquaintances to go on to win with. The question would be who could put up with me for 24/7 for months on end for half a million dollars. That’s a princely sum, but enough?

Also, on something totally unrelated, this is classic (and for just as entertaining reports – this, this and all 143 articles that were written). A riot … because of a late train … classic. I wish I was there. In fact, next time I’m at a train station and the train is late, don’t be surprised if you see me trying to incite a riot. Hopefully I can think of some anti-right rhetoric to get the university students who are there to take part, and then the mindless drones who work in offices will just follow the mob.

Anyone who’s had experience in a riot, any tips on how to make it most effective, destructive and out-of-control would be much appreciated. Bull horns I expect are a must, as are burning 2x4s. I think the destruction of the ticket machines was the best thing out of the article above. Because it’s totally the machine’s fault …



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