A little anecdote, just to make this the most post…

A little anecdote, just to make this the most posted month this blog has seen to reflect it as the most visited month, yesterday, someone came to this blog from the QBE insurance firm. One of my friends works there (relatively high up for his age I believe), though he had no idea I actually wrote a blog whatsoever. I thought it would be rather strange if had just happened upon the blog, so I asked him. he and I always joke about how he never does any work, while I, the university student, have a harder life. Of course, this is total bullshit, but it’s a running joke. So when he denied having come to the blog, it was a case of loading on the sarcasm and using it as proof that he really doesn’t do any work, especially at the end of the financial year.

On something similar, but in no way related, I had a visitor from the BBC today. They came by Googling “Deus Lo Vult”, so obviously they weren’t exactly looking for a topic that I may have blogged about. But I find it interesting that also during this month I had a visitor from Fairfax Ltd. as well. Deus Lo Vult on the rise? No, not really. But interesting readers? Certainly.

And on something that is neither similar nor related, I’m wondering if I could churn out eight posts (that don’t constitute post-spam) in the next two days to bring the post rate up to once a day. Would be a challenge, but I struggle to think of topics at the best of times …

Hopefully I can think of ideas that get me linked and get me another sixty viewers as well, taking the total for the month to 600.



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