Over the past few months I’ve kept track of a few …

Over the past few months I’ve kept track of a few search terms that people have (most of the time) Googled, that has led them to this blog. I know, I’m ripping off the idea, but at least it’s a post, right?

Socialist alternative alternative
Deus Lo Vult means
tom watson university of sydney nick wood
Picnic Point Bowling Club
apprentice season 5 10 terek
alma torlakovic
sydney uni commerce
south africa chokers
wolli creek
andrew quah
swallowed listerine
what does it mean “well viewed”
lenny veltman
rude to wear hats in house
colbert wrap rage episode
simon fontana
those word (#1 result if you search at Naver for that!)
appear (Same as above!)
generic blog posts
#1 – MSN, #4 – YouTube, #49 – AdultFriendFinder, #145 NYTimes (Soso search engine #1)
msn 220 youtube 196 visits
Jones intelligent design
centrist politics president
one interesting fact that happened on may 17
swallowed listerine accident
patanela dvd
turkey -christmas -thanksgiving -meal -lunc
usyd blogspot easthills boys
landmarks/tourist,spots of england
http://www.christianchapel.net/robsCMS/read.php?id=45 – AND french
swallowed listerine
adultfriendfinder singapore banned
hoax “account officer of my deceased client”
what kind of commison should i pay to rent a home
Lenny Veltman
wharfie 1 vs 100 rich list
leading up (Naver search engine)
CITYRAIL (Naver search engine)
monitors displaying next train sydney cityrail station
henri penn
honi soit socialist alternative
leading up to
yahoo7.com/the rich list
bears beets battlestar galactica explanation
aeneid desktop background
“station lockers” 9/11
10 interesting facts about uae
donnie darko information interesting facts
song deus vult
total war deus lo vult

Anyone who has regularly read this blog could probably identify actual posts that the results would have led to. All of the above were copied from the search field, so those spelling problems aren’t mine.

Next post will be about how much I loathe and hate Telstra. Obviously I’ve got my phone line back, but it looks like they are going to have to come back out to fix whatever they didn’t fix this time.



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