CityRail Adventures 6

There are a list of things that, really, you just don’t want to happen when you have an exam on that day. Serious bodily harm can result in an extension, as can tragedy and ‘misadventure’. But I know that some people have been refused the chance to sit an exam because they missed a train or bus. So, imagine my feelings of joy* when, after not having to use NSW’s awful public transport system for roughly two and a half weeks, the first train I need to take to get to an exam is … well, I’ll let my transcript say it all:

“The 7:37 train to the city has been *slight pause, everyone gasped* canceled for today.*

I heard this after just buying my ticket and walking up the stairs of East Hills station after deciding I wouldn’t rush for the earlier train that I saw getting ready to leave the station (it was an all stop, which by the timetable, would have got me to Redfern later than my intended train). Isn’t that just how things go? I hadn’t had a problem with any trains in some time, and if I had, I wouldn’t have cared because, frankly, lectures are about as entertaining as a Kevin Smith film (sorry Andrew, had to do it haha). But exams are a whole different kettle of fish. They are compulsory.

Yet another fantastic encounter with CityRail, even after the budget promised that things would be on the improve. Well, I know you have to give these things time, but Mr. Costa certainly wasn’t my friend, nor Mr. Iemma or his cronies in charge of public transport. Why couldn’t O’Farrell have run during the last election? Damn Liberal honchos.


*When I say joy, I really mean horror


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