An Ombudsman’s Wedding Pt. II

I’ve received copies of photos taken at the Ombudsman’s wedding while the sojourn group was at the chapel, after the legalities of the event. I owe this to Andrew’s mother, who had the foresight to actually bring a camera (that wasn’t a mobile phone as well). On a side note, it was nice to see that some people still use film cameras, rather than digital in this digital world.

Because I have an immense dislike for photos in which I appear, I’m putting up just the one. But, then again, there’s only one that everyone wanted to see anyway; that being the photo that includes The 18 Cup. If you recall, I threw the Cup in the car hoping for a moment like this. Thankfully the opportunity arose, and now, to prove our card addiction, we have photographic evidence.

Here you go. From left to right: Andrew,the Ombudsman, Mr. Rabbit, Pope Francious, St. Ives Correspondent and Thomas. Now all of these strange names have a face. The next time The 18 Cup surfaces is likely to be with a backdrop of Menindee, when we go and visit the Ombudsman on his tour of duty. After that, perhaps the St. Ives Correspondent’s wedding?



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