Some books I’m going to buy and read:

  • The Assault on Reason: How the Politics of Fear, Secrecy, and Blind Faith Subvert Wise Decision Making, Degrade Our Democracy, and Put Our Country and Our World in Peril by Al Gore
    • I read an excerpt from Borders and it seems to be right up my alley – politics
  • Kevin Rudd: A Political Biography by Nicholas Stuart
    • I would prefer to read this before I perform my civic duty of voting. Hopefully it at least gives a range of what Rudd believes in and isn’t too biased towards him
  • Keith Suter’s Local Notebook: 50 Things You Want To Know About World Issues by Keith Suter

And just when I thought I had no real need for books outside of university.



8 thoughts on “Books.

  1. Thomas, a fine list of books. I wish I had the time to indulge in reading the Rudd biography and as for Keith Suter, well he is certainly one of the country’s 10 most interesting people!. I always find his comments on Sunrise and 2GB insightful.

  2. I already have #3 as you may have noticed, and I think Suter has a real gift in making complex ideas comprehensible. He is a bit more fond than I am of current economic reforms though, but on many issues he is just great. (He is an evangelical Christian, but far from mindless.) I’ve seen the Gore book and was attracted, but I’ll wait for the Library on that one. I am less curious about the Rudd book. I think tracking down things he has written himself may be a better guide for the election. Did you read his essays in The Monthly last year?

  3. No, I didn’t read those essays, though may try and track them down.

    As for his other writings, that’s a rather good suggestion. I think I’ll do that tomorrow, as I can devote a whole day to it.

  4. I would guess that The Rabbit is making a sad point about what teaching does to your reading time. I have not read a book for enjoyment since I took up my new posting over a year ago. 😦 I really should make more of an effort when I have holidays which don’t involve cramming a semester worth of post grad into 2 weeks.

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