A short-ish post in between tales of Menindee …

It’s really for my own benefit so that I get some things down before I totally forget about them. Also, it doesn’t take so long to write one of these, so I can get back to my university work sooner, rather than later.

Spring is nearly here, and not too soon. I spent the whole of last Summer lamenting how hot it was, and that Winter was much more enjoyable because you can warm yourself up much easier than cooling yourself down. But I woke up this morning and it had the same feel as Spring – warm, and the feeling that it was about to get a whole lot more. It did, but that wasn’t the point. I felt happy, slightly excited too. It was strange. I think because I’ve associated my huge end of year holidays with the warm weather that I could finally see an end to the tunnel that is this year. Of course, there’s another three after this, but I’ll take it slowly.

Secondly, I’ve had a couple of interesting visits to my blog. One was from the a government account (probably in between their editing of Wikipedia) on the tag “Australian politics”. The next interesting visit (and this is very interesting) was from an Australian Department of Defense account through a comment I left on Samuel Gordon-Stewart’s blog. That comment was in reference to the upcoming A.P.E.C. protests. I said that everyone had a right to protest (believing this to and extent myself) in the hope to incite e-violence (similar to what the protests will probably do, except without the e). The A.D.O.D. came to my blog through that comment and had a good look around. I’m probably on some sort of watch-list now, so I had best write some flagrant, right-wing piece sooner or later to alleviate some suspicion.

I’m pretty annoyed at the continual Diana shows and interviews and this and that on T.V. Get over it. The same advice goes for the Steve Irwin show that’s coming up. Sure, they were two great people, but why the heck are we still going on about the two? Do the television stations remember that there’s a couple of wars going on, a few rounds of genocide in Africa, an election coming (not to mention the general hoopla of politics in general) and a whole lot of other, living, things to worry about. All of that probably sounds insensitive, but so what?

The third season of The Office (US) is on tonight (Monday), channel 10, 10:30pm- 11:00pm. The best season yet, and very funny, witty and entertaining. Would I give you bad advice in this department?

That’s about it. The next post you’ll see will (most likely) be part two to “At least Cockburn has a shack …”.



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