Thomas blogged again! Spread the word!

While I’ve been the most neglectful blogger this side of Mr. Rabbit (who has certainly out-posted me for this month), I hope to make amends for this problem starting now. While Mr. Rabbit’s advice was to start early on assignments to get them done quicker, and not be stuck doing them the night before, it actually proved to be a problem in terms of blogging time. Once I finished my first assignment, I started my next, even though there was two weeks between the due dates. And, within the next few days, I’ll be starting my final assignment before exams. But I do intend to keep blogging through October.

The root of the problem was that I was so engrossed in the assignment due on Tuesday. US foreign policy through the Cold War. It was a research assignment, so I got to write my own question, however, only having done so after finding a heap of primary sources that I could work with. Those sources were seven inauguration speeches, nine State of the Union addresses, six special addresses to Congress, and three de-classified government documents. Of course, there was the obligatory Wikipedia pages and Google search results (sometimes scholar), but most of it was contained in the primary sources.

For anyone not interested in Cold War history, US history, US foreign policy, US relations with Latin America, South America and the Middle East between the end of WWII and 1991, then the assignment will be exceedingly boring. However, for a political junkie and a history major, this assignment was a dream. Hopefully it pulls in the marks that I want it to, however, I am worried that I extended the scope too far, and some of the in-depth material I could have included had I only followed my question in relation to one president could have been included.

The month gone has been interesting in parts. Yesterday afternoon was Mr. and Mrs-to-be St. Ives Correspondent’s engagement party, which was very nice. There were some rousing speeches given, complete with an early medical history of the happy couple. I also got to meet (for the second time, though she didn’t seem to remember) St. Ives Correspondent’s mother, to whom I sucked up to greatly and, purely because the opportunity presented itself, embarrassed St. Ives Correspondent some more. There is a sort of running joke concerning St. Ives Correspondent and his mother with me, one that I may go into further one day …

The food was great, and the cake was excellent. As too were the heart-shaped cookies – anyone who could make them for me (not necessarily in the shape of a heart) would move up in my books.

Also yesterday, the group was told an amazing story from the Ombudsman. Mr. Rabbit reserved blogging rights, so look out for that story there.

I was at university during the APEC hoo-haa, and scribbled down, while I was flanked by 100+ police officers, the makings of a post. But I went a re-read it the other day and it seems quite redundant now. Perhaps when I have nothing to do in the holidays I’ll write it up, but certainly not before then.

This house was alive and well while the South Sydney Rabbitohs were kicking into the final series. My father is a staunch Rabbits man, and brought me up to follow them – something I did until I realised I didn’t like Rugby League. However, I went to their last game before the finals, and the experience there was something very unique. Blog-worthy indeed.

I’ve been plowing through the TV series of The West Wing. I will definitely be posting something about that later on. So too will I get around to writing up a summary of the last ratings season. I thought I had a lot more time for that, however, all the TV stations have decided to ‘fast track’ all the shows I watch, so that they are a week or so behind the airings in the US. While I absolutely love this idea, I have had no chance to write up about the last seasons.

Of course, I expect the admonishing for not having finished my version of the Great Menindee Trip will continue, and as I do want it to not be the last thing I hear on my deathbe, I will get around to finishing that. Mine will be complete with photos and video, so nerr!

I’ve requested an interview from a running independent (as soon as the election is called) in the Australian election, where I hope to discuss policy. Maybe that wil go ahead.

I’ve also seen quite a few movies in the past month (none at the cinemas), though there are roughly ten or so movie I want to see going through to February next year, so more fuel for the fire.

There are half a dozen or so drafts I have hidden, and a few dot points written on my desk for posts as well. So all the makings are there for a very productive next few months. Whether I have lost the little creditability and ability to have people believe in me after posting something like three times this month, I guess we’ll see …



4 thoughts on “Thomas blogged again! Spread the word!

  1. I’ve been keeping tabs on most other blogs I read, and I spent quite a bit of time there today reading up. I want the brownie points of having spent today’s time there before you left that comment too.

    And thanks for the reference on your blog. What you said certainly has started a post in my mind – one that needs more time dedicated to it than I have for the next few days. Perhaps Wednesday …

  2. Hi there Thomas. Thanks for the nice post and the mother debarcle!! Yes the cookies are from The Cookie Man

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