My Favourite Movies

I updated the page yesterday to include the next fifteen of my favourite films. The list now totals 25. I may eventually send that out to fifty, and then eventually 100, but to do that would take a little work. It took me a few hours to even get the order of the 25 as I want it!

A few things of note: On The Waterfront fell to position 12, after previously being ranked eight. To fall out, or get into, my Top 10 is a hard feat, and it had been ranked 8 even after I had seen Little Miss Sunshine and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Why it fell now is that I have seen all three recently, and while the acting of Marlon Brando is superb, this is my Top 10, and the order is in terms of enjoyment and techniques. And I simply enjoy the other two films more, not to mention that their technical side is quite good, especially for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The fifteen I’ve added, you may notice, have a lot more ‘recent’ films in it than my Top 10. That makes a bit of sense in that I’ve put a lot of the ‘earlier’ films that people have in their Top 25 in my Top 10. Five of my Top 10 are earlier releases, while ten of the Top 25 are.

And here are some other stats for you:
– Paul Newman appears in four entries, and is the most frequent appearing male actor;
– Natalie Portman appears three times, and is the most frequent appearing female actor;
– 2000+ are where most of the films come from (14). This is followed by the 1990’s (7), 1980’s (3), 1970’s (5), 1960’s (5), and the 1950’s (1);
– Twelve of the films have a significant parent/child relationship aspect to the central plot;
– Only fifteen of the films have people dying in them (remarkably low I thought).

The first five are annotated with a quick thought or two from me. I might try to do this for all of them over time, and if so, I’ll keep you posted. Perhaps if I do that, anything that intrigues anyone, they could tell me and I’ll turn it into an entire post? Though I hardly need a reason to write about movies.



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