I had a confusing (not for me) conversation with my mother minutes ago. I poured a glass of Pepsi and walked off. She then asked why I didn’t drink the Coke she always buys from me. I then had to explain that this is the hierarchy of my tastes:

– Vanilla Coke
– Pepsi
– RC Cola (interesting story with this one – will blog about it soon)
– LA Ice
– Coca-Cola

I then went into the finer details:

– I prefer flat to fizz on all drinks except LA Ice;
– I prefer my Vanilla Coke warm, my Pepsi cold, RC Cola cold, LA Ice warm, and Coca-Cola warm if from the bottle/can, however;
– I prefer it cold if it’s from a store that waters down, but no ice (because ice is a scam);
– I prefer drinking from a glass than a bottle, but prefer a can than a glass;
– No diet or pseudo-Cokes ever.

And I can assess a drink, by these two criteria, in less than a second such is the frequency of me drinking these types of drinks. I just need to look at the bottle and I’ll know how to prepare it, or if I’ll like it, or whether I should even drink it just from where I’m getting it. A while ago I started the trend of opening all the bottles of Coke-esque drinks and leaving them open overnight so that they would go flat – this was not well received so I stopped.

I also prefer Peanut MnM’s to Crunchy MnM’s to regular MnM’s; 7Up to all other lemonades; grated cheese to blocks of cheese; cold food to hot foot; soups to solids as an entre; salt to pepper (I hate pepper); tea to coffee – Earl Grey to all other teas; and purple lollies to all other colours. That’s just a few things that decide what I’ll eat through a day.

Yeah, this was just a spur-of-the-moment post. Interesting for me though. I think I might compile a definitive list one day for the laughs.



3 thoughts on “Criteria

  1. Goinglikesixty: unless there’s a peanut in the centre, I don’t want to hear about it.

    Hey Chuck. Good to see you back. Did you miss the whole Samuel running for election saga?

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