David Vowles is an idiot.

David Vowles is, well, an idiot. Who is David Vowles? No, he’s not the World’s Champion of Spelling (lame joke!), he’s a senior citizen from Tasmania. You could be mistaken for thinking he’s a toddler with an enlarged vocabulary (when you find out what he did and what he said) throwing a tantrum, but, no, I’m assured that he is a fully grow adult. But what did he do?

Well, what Dave did is yet another case of the senior citizenry running wild again. A man, in Tasmania, indignantly and disrespectfully marched up to Kevin Rudd and said:

“You spoiled the party. You ignorant bastards”

How old is this guy? Seventy or seven? Anyway, apparently Rudd’s appearance at some choir group’s performance killed the whole thing. Reportedly it was the 43rd birthday of the choir group. And what better way to celebrate than to have the future PM there? So it was getting his face in the news. Guess what? So is everything that Rudd and Howard are doing, and will do, until the election is called! If Howard had popped in Dave, would you have had a problem? No, of course not. Why? Because he’s old and right (not correct, but right as in a fascist) just like you! A future bingo buddy when you both head off to Shady Acres Retirement Home in December.

Well, apparently it was so awful that Rudd showed up that this old-timer thought it necessary to go up and abuse the man. What happened to treat people how you want to be treated? What happened to mutual respect? This geriatric showed the world, and the man, exactly how he wants to be treated by Kevin. Aren’t the senior citizens the ones harping on about how misguided and disrespectful today’s youth are? Perhaps if they had a better example of how to behave then they would be.

So, when he takes office, I believe that Rudd has every right to send one of his lackies off to wherever they write out pension checks and cancel each and everyone on that should be going to this guy. Why not? I mean, when someone calls you a bastard are you meant to bear it a grin? I suppose you would normally, but when you’re PM, you have other ways and means of bearing it.

Isn’t it funny though that a senior citizen thinks he can do this. I bet he doesn’t even care. No remorse what-so-ever. I wouldn’t be surprised if his blood pressure went through the roof because he was so enraged and angered that Rudd stopped off to watch their performance. I mean, Kevin, you have to check with these people – they might not have their best sweaters or zip-up shoes on! Not to mention they still think they are voting for Menzies when they go to the booths this November.

Cancel his pension checks I say! And any medical cover he might need (undoubtedly he will). Might as well revoke his license too (though that’s a safety measure rather than an act of revenge). David Vowles disrespected you! If he had done it to Don Corleone then he’d be swimming with the fishes. Of course, it’s difficult to do that when a pulp mill has killed off all the fishes, so taking away all his government support might wake him up.



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