October Reduex

“I hope to make amends for this problem starting now.”

That was a line in my last post of September – having only blogged something like a whole three times for the entire month. It was a sad effort – though I blame university assignments. Anyway, I went into October and managed to post once a day for the first five days. I wondered if this could be the month where I finally averaged a post a day (a goal of mine).

Well, 31 days later and34 posts up, I managed to exceed my own expectations. But it’s not just the post count that is impressive to me – it’s the content. A lot of politics blog, and I’m rather chuffed with the live blogs that I’ve done for the two debates. There was also a whole range of different topics – not just American or Australian politics. I’ve managed to at least tell the tale where Mr. Rabbit and myself get to Menindee. The next stage is what us with the Ombudsman got up to in Menindee.

My posts came to a 23, 424 word count.

But best of all, when I predicted that this would be a big month in terms of visits, I was right. 941 visits for the month – the most ever. Previously 835 was the record. Page views for the month were 1808 – a previous high of 1259. Now my goal is 1000. The problem of getting 1000 is either to do a politics blog every day (because that’s what’s brought in the most visitors – the live blogs and Ron Paul posts) or cover a heap of different topics a day. For some reason, politics rates best here.



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