Today’s news

It was a strange news day today. First headline I read was this:

Kucinich: I saw a UFO

Yes, apparently one of the Democrats (not) in the run for the primaries claims to have seen a U.F.O. some time ago. I laughed repeatedly at this – maybe he is trying to court the green vote. Not green as in environment, rather little green men. I’m 100% sure that he hasn’t improved his chances of being nominated. Rarely are there absolutes in politics, but this is one. Another is that he turned it into a joke himself – something I applaud. I mean after you come out and say you saw a U.F.O., you really need to spin it into something that at least has people laughing with you. And he did so:

“More people in this country have seen UFOs than I think approve of George Bush’s presidency.”


The next thing I saw, though this was on television (thankfully) was the whole Heather Mills thing. I was laughing profusely at the sound of her voice as she whinged and complained about having negative articles written about her. Boo-hoo. Question: How much did you get in your divorce settlement with Paul? Answer: Too freaking much! If you want to be on the receiving end of millions of pounds you should quit your crying and clam it. If you’re a public figure, you don’t get a say in how you’re covered. You only have control over your actions. Heather married and got a divorce. That’s what’s being covered.

Finally, there was this article. I had seen this running on the headlines today, though hadn’t thought anything of it. Until I heard his full name, after which I was trying to place it to where I had heard it before. When my mother got home from working, she told me where I had heard his name before. He was in my primary year, and apparently was in some of my classes for those seven years. More, when my mother was helping out in the reading program that the school had going there, she read with him quite regularly. I can’t remember him like I do others, but the stories my mother clearly remembers jogged a bit of my memory and he does seem familiar.

It’s quite a sad story, and I do feel sorry for the family. I hope they do get answers – though I expect (as I suspect everyone else does) they won’t be the answers they want.



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