The best principal in New South Wales

When I traveled to Menindee all those months ago (I know – a story I am yet to finish), I met a man named Briiian (sounded as it is spelled there). He was the principal at the school – quite a lofty position. He’s a very modest man – a trait of his that was reflected only recently. Last Friday, I believe, the Ombudsman was in a conversation with Briiian. During the course of their talk, Briiian said, and I quote, the following:

I’m the best principal in New South Wales.

True modesty and class if ever there was a display of it. I make jokes at Briiian’s expense because we (the Sojourn Group) don’t like this man any more for reasons I am not at liberty to discuss just yet.

A display of this man’s greatness need not be sought after laying eyes on his literacy plan for his school. In a meeting with senior staff at the school (the Ombudsman included) this was presented as his plan to attack the literacy problem in his school:





That, my good friends, is a literacy plan! Talk about a whole school approach. And the detail! Mind you, I don’t do it much justice – his was handwritte, while mine merely has the professionalism that a computer can aid such a sophisticated education policy.M


Meanwhile the rest of us are still wondering how some people get jobs …



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