Question series

I quite enjoy those ice-breaker/team-building games that you regularly find yourself engaged in. One of my favourites is the deserted island game – name x amount of y objects you would have on the island. It’s silly when it’s a question that asks about survival items: matches, axes, tarps, etc. It gets real interesting when it’s movies, or books, or people, or things that only you can answer.

So, after trawling the Internet for a few of them, I’m going to progressively fill them out. Makes for conversation I guess, and blog posts. Here is the first one:

You’re stuck in a room with a television and a DVD player for the rest of your life. What three films would you have playing for all eternity?

My choices were as followed, and in no particular order:

  • Donnie Darko – Perhaps I’d finally be able to figure out the answers to all of the questions I have about the film with all of the free time;
  • Little Miss Sunshine – You have to include a comedy if for this scenario, and this was hilarious, as well as uplifting;
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Long, great, and interesting.

I didn’t think it would be smart to just pick my three favourite films because they are all pretty serious. Little Miss Sunshine brought the variety and laughs, Lord of the Rings the action and adventure, and Donnie Darko keeps you mind ticking.



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