Past few days

Today I got some new speakers for my computer. Nothing flash or expensive – just something that made better noise than the last pair I had. See, for some reason, the last pair began to stuff up. Output would regularly cut out with the right one. The right speaker plugged into the left on, and from the left it plugged into the computer. There is quite a bit of distance between where the speakers are and the computer is, so the chord was stretched. Figure in the years it was like that and I have a feeling that the wire was the problem.

When I went to look for something to correct it, I found that I could buy a new set, better quality, more aesthetically pleasing, and smaller for cheaper than I could get a new chord. I think the choice was simple. Crazy Chinese people – how long before they realise that they could bilk us Westerners a whole lot by jacking up the prices. The advantage of building everything these days.

I spent the last two days at my grandparents today. I had today and yesterday off from work for some reason. I believe they are training other new people …

And I swear to you that as I typed ‘people’ there I recieved a call that I wasn’t needed until Friday, and then only Saturday after that. Good on one hand because I would rather sleep, eat, and blog than work. However, I don’t get paid to do any of those things. I told them I’d need an hour off to vote – something that the person in charge of the rosters had completely forgot about. Seeings as it’s a democratic right (as well as being law) I’ll get it no problem, though it’s somewhat worrying that someone forgot about that whole election thing.

I was at my grandparents because it’s rather fun. I used to get along swimmingly with my grandfather when I was growing up. I suspect that it was because I was in need of a father figure (as my own father was regularly away with business) and he was the most accessible. Then when I hit late teens I developed that streak that all my friends associate me with – argumentative. I began to challenge and argue my grandfather on everything he said, and as a result, we began to fall out.

He’s a rather left-wing chap (in Australian terms – something I’ll explain later) probably because his father was a raging communist from the late 1910’s onwards to his death. I used to listen to him, when I had no political persuasion, and just agree for the sake of it. Then when I turned right-wing myself, I’d argue everything with him. Of course, it’s not all politics with him. Being a born Englishman, he is very much into cricket and soccer, hates the French and Americans and Germans, and now doesn’t like England a whole much.

When we went over to England for our holiday, and we met up with my grandfather’s brother, when I was talking to him he said that Pop is considered more right-wing than we in Australia treat him. This sort of surprised me, but by that time I had delved into politics and had realised that all political landscapes are different.

Anyway, it’s now fun to go over to my grandparents house because I don’t argue for the sake of arguing, and there is a significant degree of agreement between us now. He is more left than I am, but being the centrist that I am, there is much cross-over. Same with cricket – he hates England, as do I. We also want to see more competition, less hugging on the field, and better umpires. Soccer I don’t know that much about. But we both dislike the French and Germans. I like the Americans, so it’s amusing for me to try and get him to concede on various points. Then there is our interest in history – in particular the World Wars.

My grandmother is one of the greatest people on Earth because she is always busy. She’ll always be doing something -whether it’s cleaning, cooking, washing, etc. And not just in her house. If you ask her over, she will go and do your cleaning and housework. There’s a running joke in the family that you shouldn’t mow your lawns if you know Nan is coming over – she’ll do them for you! With my parents away at the moment – and a person oblivious to domestic work – I saw going over having a second cause: I could take over my washing and get a good meal! You can be sure that I cleared it with her before I went over:

Thomas: Hey Nan, I was thinking of coming over to stay the night.
Nan: Yes! Please, Pop is driving me crazy haha.
Thomas: Great! I might cook myself a late lunch and come over after dinner …
Nan: Don’t be silly. I’ll cook you something. I’ll find something for you in no time.
Thomas: Are you sure? I don’t want to be a burden …
Nan: No problem at all.
Thomas: Ok, I might come over after lunch then because I have a fair bit of washing I need to do. I might put it in and then …
Nan: Don’t be silly. Bring it over and you can do it here.
Thomas: I could, but I don’t know how to use your washing machine …
Nan: It’s ok. I’ve got a load to do, I’ll do it for you.
Thomas: Ok, then I’ll take it home to iron …
Nan: I can do that.
Thomas: Are you sure?
Nan: Yes! I’ll do it.
Thomas: Ok, I’ll see you around lunch time then!

That was the conversation I had on Sunday evening. And today I came home with clean clothes. I don’t know if it’s mean or not – I definitely feel a little guilt. But I know, I absolutely know, that if I hadn’t taken it over, she would be over on Thursday or Friday to clean up and do it without me asking her to. So save her the effort and petrol of coming over just to do all of my cleaning.

I don’t really know what this blog was about or what it’s purpose was, but I had a eagerness to blog when I got home (about anything) and this is what came forth. I suppose not all posts need a purpose, only to be interesting to some degree. Though I can’t even see who this would be interesting for …



6 thoughts on “Past few days

  1. Treasure those grandparents, Thomas. They sound wonderful. πŸ™‚ I used to spend a rather amazing amount of time with my own grandparents, a very long time ago, but these are some of my best memories.

  2. I’ve spent much time with them. I’d say more than I have with my own parents! They are pretty important people in my life, that’s for sure.

  3. Thomas,

    Just reflecting on your conversation with Nan.Going by how you brought up the topic of lunch and washing, you seem to be a born salesman. πŸ™‚

  4. “Though I can’t even see who this would be interesting for …

    I found it interesting Thomas. I also enjoy reading your stories because you retell things in a way that lets me feel that I’m there. Like your story about the people ‘punching on’ over your back fence, I felt like I was standing in the bath tub next to you looking out the bathroom window.

    After reading this, I wish I had grandparents that I could call up and hang out with. Ottayan does have a point, do you work in sales? If teaching is about selling something to students then you will make a great teacher.

  5. I do work in sales, and have a very gullible customer base. I work at a golf course and everyone is on the lookout for the ‘newest’ and the ‘best’. Of course, the ‘newest’ and the ‘best’ is what advertisements and salesmen say is …

    I get into bets with other people who work there if I can sell certain things as well. It’s a common thought, of other people, that I can “sell ice to Eskimos”. I don’t think I’m anything special, but who am I to refute others?

    Now that I’ve taken a place in the restaurant as well it will be interesting if I can peddle beers and foods.

    Thank-you for the compliments. I personally think that my writing sucks, or at least is awful when compared to some others. Then again, I don’t try and write in any written style – I try to write as I would actually say it. Confusing, I suspect, unless you’re heard me talk.

    And thanks for the props on being a teacher. One of a handful …

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