Just another problem

Here’s a fundamental problem in society today. It has to do with the election gone, and with the new Prime Minister.

As is the case, some voted for him and some didn’t. That’s always the case. Kevin Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia for the next years. He is our country’s leader and will be for some time. Whether you like it or not, this is the case.

My father, who voted Liberal, made some comments about Kevin Rudd. The conversation, after that, went as follows:

Thomas: Well, he’s your Prime Minister now. You should probably get behind him.

Father: Excuse me, my Prime Minister? I didn’t vote for him.

Thomas: Funny, I thought you were Australian.

Father: You weren’t behind Howard.

It went on for some more, but that’s the important part. Here is the fundamental problem I see. Whether you voted for Rudd and Labor or not, the situation Australia finds itself in is with a new leader and a new government. There is no conceivable way that is going to change for a while.

Now I’m not about to say that everyone must convert to Labor politics and swear loyalty to all-mighty Rudd, but I’m saying this: Recognise him as the leader of Australia and give him a chance. Continue to critique and scrutinise and keep the pressure on. But get behind the guy. A country united is far more effective than a country divided. You don’t have to agree with his policies either, and you will get a chance to voice that opposition come the next elections you vote in. But as an Australian citizen, you and the rest of the country need to unite together as a working and well-oiled country to continue the success Australia has seen.

If you want to take the approach of my father, and say that because you didn’t vote for the guy he isn’t your leader, then I lose much respect for you. I question your cognitive abilities and wonder whether you should have the right to vote at all. And then I’ll be on the verge of shipping you out of the country if you question my democratic choice to vote for another guy. I saw Kevin Rudd as a viable and beneficial alternative in the past election. I voted according to that decision I made and because I had that democratic right. I questioned Howard’s policies and scrutinised his actions. But never once did I not say he wasn’t my Prime Minister. He was.

Now Kevin Rudd is our Prime Minister, and the country needs to get behind him. Not for the sake of Kevin Rudd but for the sake of the country itself. Keep on questioning and keep on thinking, but don’t denounce him or deride him for no serious reason at all.



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