November in review

I’ve had no time to blog for the past few days due to danged work. I do enjoy getting money, but I really hate not having a ridiculous amount of free time to write, watch DVDs, and do generally nothing. Perhaps if I could create some Internet empire and earn money from that …

Anyway, November has finished and it was quite the month for this blog. This highest visits to date, and finally the blog has broken the 1000 mark. 1109 visits to be precise. I was amazed at this, though not entirely surprised. That’s because this month has also seen the most posts in a month: 38. There was a lot of material for November, not least of which was the election and the fall out.

I’m hesitant to try and beat these two records with December with the amount of days I’m working. However, there’s no guarentee that I’ll even be working that much this month (it seems to be a day-to-day thing). I’ll be opting to work less when they ask me what days I’m available, that’s for sure. Why? Because I really don’t enjoy working 10 hour shifts and getting all the grunt work other people don’t want to do lumped onto me. I’ve devised ways to ensure that this work that other people’s activities result in is done by them – pretend to be doing other work. I’ve been a master of this for some time, having learned the techniques from when I started in the proshop of the golf course. Now all I do is fake work and the day seems slightly better.

Of course, the days are on the verge of good when certain others are working. There are two women, around my age, who do the waiting on tables and food prep. The three of us all suffer from getting work lumped onto us that could quickly and easily be done by others, and stops us from doing the job we should be doing. We manage to cheer each other up through various means. Oh, did I say they were attractive?

Anyway. November has gone, and it was the best month this blog has seen. December I’d like to do a comparable job, especially in terms of post count (not visits). Thirty seems to be a good number, so I’ll be aiming for that. What will I blog about, who knows. Definitely the concert that I, the Ombudsman, the Ombudswoman, the Ombudfather, Mr. Rabbit, and Andrew went to tonight (four and a half hours ago it started actually. And St. Ives, you missed out). And from this concert I thought of a few topics too.

But I really expect this December to be full of tedious, boring, and mind-numbing self-referential post. You know, about personal stuff. I expect to see family, to complain about work, to see friends, to talk about those things that just don’t interest the masses. Politics, for the start of December, should be a quiet topic. Movies are always something good to turn to when there’s silence on the front. Of course, there is the yearly wrap-up that I did last year, and something I want to continue this year. Last year had a good theme: End of things. This year is a little more difficult, but I’ll endeavour.

Anyway, just a post to recap the month and keep you all notified about happens for me.



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