Catching up with a galaxy far, far away …

Since finishing watching all seven seasons of The West Wing, in fifteen plus weeks, I’ve had time at nights to watch other things. Instead of moving on to the next series I intend to watch through (Gilmore Girls), I decided to watch a few movies that I haven’t seen in a while. I settled on watching the Star Wars Trilogy from start to finish again. Mind you, I haven’t watched Episode I and Episode II for a long time.

If I had never seen any of the six films before, and sat down to watch from start to finish for the first time, I would have given up by now. I have only watched Episode I and Episode II so far, and have decided that they are rather worse than I remembered. I couldn’t watch either without fast-forwarding through parts.

They both have some good parts. The pod-race, for a useless as it is for the plot, if still entertaining; Darth Maul fighting against Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi is still very well coordinated and a feat of athleticism (for actors that is), and; … well, that’s about it for The Phantom Menace. For Attack of the Clones, it has some better parts, but the acting is substantially worse. While the settings, the effects, and the fight scenes are very good, not much else is. And certainly the dialogue is located somewhere between bad (at best) and pathetic.

I’ll watch Episode III tonight, which I have watched a few times this year, and remember it to be much better than the first two prequels, but mediocre when compared to the original trilogy.

While I was watching the two movies, I wondered that if a true Star Wars fan would like the prequels as much as the original trilogy, not the opposite. I thought that perhaps a real Star Wars fan could acknowledge that the acting is bad, the dialogue is awful, and the plot feeble, but still enjoy them as they are all part of the same arc, and connected to the original trilogy.

After watching the two films however, I realised that a true Star Wars fan should be as enraged and sickened at the prequels as I am. I’m going to call the previous paragraph’s thought an idiot’s moment on my part.



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