Random thoughts.

Advertisements for 2008 shows are appearing on television. They look crap.

This Christmas is going to be rather strange for this house.

Mr. Rabbit has stopped talking to me.

While I work, I imagine how I’m spending the money I’m earning. Of course, I’m working that much that I don’t have time to actually spend that money.

I’ve taken up playing Playstation and N64 again – only because I get home too late to go on the computer.

I’m going through Internet withdrawal.

New Zealand have one of the worst cricket teams of all time at the moment. That being said, England are giving them a run for that title too.

I’ve begun to read through some of the assignments for HSTY2667 Politics and Cultures of US Imperialism. I got some good marks for that this year, and I’m thinking about putting up some of my writings about the topic on this blog. At the moment I’ve got two 1000 word essays (if you can call something that length an essay – they were part of the take-home exam) and a 3000 essay all about various aspects of US imperialism – or perhaps ‘imperialism’ is the correct way of writing it (you’ll understand if I post one of the essays).

Every day I try to check polling data coming out of the States on the Democratic primaries. Some days I’m happy, others I’m worried. It’s a roller-coaster.

Kevin Rudd seems to be doing a good job so far.

I’m extremely pleased about the decision to not hunt 50 Humpback whales by the Japanese. Now if they’d only smarten up and not hunt any whales, I wouldn’t be glad someone dropped bombs on their country.

I finished watching all the Star Wars films. As per expected: Original trilogy walks all over prequels. I have a hankering to watch the Lord of the Rings films now.

The communication between me and my friends is seriously lacking. I intend to see them much more often. Somehow.

My blogging skills have died off to the point where I can only manage short, unrelated thoughts. Here’s hoping the new year brings with it fresh ideas.



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