Never in doubt, was it? The Maverick Obama wins the state, and possibly as important, Clinton ranks in a dismal third. John Edwards’ campaign stays alive with a second place finish – and he might very well have thrown his hat in the ring for a viable V.P. contender. Of course, the fact he lost out in 2004 won’t help. But who knows with that.

What’s of the most importance is that Obama won the state with a convincing win (8 points speculated so far). It’s similar to the Des Moines Register poll results – the placings are spot on, the percentages may very will firm up to be true too.

Onto New Hampshire now – and that should be an Obama victory now too. He was very close before, now with a victory under his belt (and Clinton’s third place – both factors in the electability debate) he should score a win in the state. Of course, it might not be as big as his Iowa victory, but with five days of campaigning and dominating the news cycle, who knows. South Carolina is now a lock for Obama now too. Clinton may win Nevada, but one state from the early four doesn’t make for a good news cycle.

The bad of all this is that Huckabee won too. A real shame that. New Hampshire is my hope for the Republicans that it throws up McCain as a winner, or Romney, and then the race is wide open. If Huckabee wins N.H. too, then I think it’s safe to say that he will win the Republican ticket. That would be bad. Very very bad.

Momentum. I told you how it would work before, and now you’ll see it. It’s going to help Obama and Huckabee if they get it. If not, they will struggle.



2 thoughts on “Obama!!!

  1. Obama for me too, and for the safety (comparatively speaking) of future generations. Huckabee would make Bush look good! (Not that I’m at all biased…)

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