Spin Alley

Ok, so Obama may have lost the popular vote by 2%, but do note the following:

  • Both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have won 9 delegates from the state – both 3 state wide and 6 on the district level;
  • There are 8 superdelegates (delegates who pledge at their own will, not by citizen votes) in New Hampshire. Of these Obama has 3, Clinton has 2.

Thus, by my count, Obama has won 1 more delegate than Clinton. So a loss, sure, but a victory too. The vote count going Obama’s way would have been ideal, but you can’t have everything. This fact, I expect, will be spun over the next few days. There’s a while to go (10 days until Nevada) until the next primary that counts (Michigan, on January 15, does not). If Obama had won New Hampshire, he would have run very close to winning in Nevada: A state Clinton has lead in with big numbers (15-20) for a long time. Now that Clinton will be on the news, and Obama less, I expect that she might hold out in Nevada. South Carolina (on January 26), however, should still fall to Obama. If it’s big, it’s great. If it’s not, then Obama will have work to do for Super Tuesday.

As it stands, the delegate count is as follows:

  • Clinton: 183
  • Obama: 78
  • Edwards: 52
  • Richardson: 19
  • Kucinich: 1

This is after superdelegates who have pledged is factored in. Obama is in the lead without them. But the thing about superdelegates is that they aren’t tied to anyone because of votes. Thus they could change. All 800+ of them. Anyway, just a post to spin things myself. And to keep me distracted from other things.



3 thoughts on “Spin Alley

  1. Thomas, could there be a post explaining the superdelegates and who they are in the future??? I am guessing congressional members and party officials…………?????

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