I brought a book!

This was quite an adventure for me. I haven’t brought a real book (textbooks don’t count) for quite a while. I believe the last one was The Picture of Dorian Grey when I was endeavouring to read though the ‘classics’. I managed to read through that, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Invisible Man (a real favourite of mine), The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (another favourite), and The Wind in the Willows. The last fiction book I tried to read was Travels with a Donkey, but by that point I had had enough of reading and given the task away.

That was years ago. Year 12 perhaps – a whole of three. Between then and now I had only read parts of The Lord of the Rings, and as far as fiction went, that was it.¬† I didn’t read any Harry Potter out of respect for the fantasy genre (Rings is the pinnacle, anything less is a compromise). I avoided The Da Vinci Code just to buck the trend and not get caught up in the ridiculous hysteria.

Anyway, I’ve now turned back to the fiction world with The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. The book was on display in the Angus and Robertson Top 100 Books (as voted by Australia). I picked it up on the presumption that Australia couldn’t be so far wrong (though there was Harry Potter and Da Vinci in the list …), and then the blurb intrigued me enough to buy it.

If it’s any good, then I’ll buy the book that apparently was bigger by Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie. I saw that in the display as well, but Five People looked to be more interesting. I hope that it’s not a let down purely for the sake of the effort it takes for me to read a book.

I also brought The Catcher In The Rye, one of my most favourite books ever. I read it in high school, didn’t really like it, then re-read it after I had finished and was amazed at how I could not have loved it the first time. Such a deep and meaningful book. It too was in the Top 100 list.

As an aside, I was rather ashamed to only have read 4 of the 100 books on the list. I like to think of myself as a person who has more class and learnings than the average bogan. Thus I plan to read more books on this list. After the two books by Albom, I’ll give Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and The Godfather a go, hoping that they are both as good as their movies. If I’m not sick of reading things by then, and have actually enjoyed the experience once again, then there’s a lot more to do after that.



3 thoughts on “I brought a book!

  1. Glad to learn that you have rediscovered books. I have read most of the books you mentioned. However, I a bit hazy about the Invisible Man. Be glad if you let me know who wrote it.

    BTW, like you I have deliberately avoided the Potter mania, but succumbed to the Da Vinci hysteria.

    Catcher in the rye is also a personal favorite. Ashamed to admit that I have never heard of Mitch Albom. Is he Australian?

    If my memory serves me right the only book from your part of the world I have read is Thorn Birds.(New Zealand?)

    Godfather, now thats a book I have read many times and will read it again.


  2. The Invisible Man was written by sci-fi founder HG Wells. It’s only a short book, but very entertaining (I think).

    Mitch Albom hails from the U.S., and is a sport columnist too. So far his book is rather good. I will probably write about it in the future.

    Thorn Birds was written by Colleen McCullough, an Australian. It too is set in the Australian outback. Fancy confusing New Zealand with Australia! For shame!

    I’m glad that The Godfather comes recommended – I’m more anxious to read it now. Have you see the film? Does it measure up?

  3. Thomas,

    HG Wells- Good I had confused Invisible Man with Man in the Iron Mask. I haven’t read it .

    BTW have you read the ‘Time Machine’ which is the mother of ‘Back to the future kind of movies and books?

    It is a shame indeed that I confused an Australian Author with a NZ one.:)

    Godfather- I have seen all of them. Yet to get rid of the image of Brando’s mumblings and his death scene was excellent.

    More than Paciano I liked (forgot his name) the Sonny charecterisation better. Excellent acting.

    Thomas I guarantee that all the books you have brought are excellent.

    You will love them.

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