Today’s political news revisited

I reported earlier on the Obama/Clinton wins that came from Nevada today. There’s another win coming out of the exit polls for Obama. It’s, again, the ‘black’ vote. While 16% of the Nevada voters were black, an astounding 80% voted for Obama. If anyone thought that race wasn’t going to play a part in this primary race, or indeed the presidential election, they thought wrong.

The Democrats should get behind this fact and choose Obama as their candidate. It’s a surefire was to get a Democrat elected. Obama has the young vote in his hand, has inspired the base, has overwhelming black support in terms of votes. The only vote Obama isn’t secure on is the ‘aged’ vote. But an endorsement from Edwards would quickly change that. Even picking him as V.P. would secure it up.

South Carolina, which has a very big ‘black’ vote, is the next state in the process, and the final for the Democrats before Super Tuesday on the 5th of February (Florid is in between, but as of now, doesn’t count). It’s on the 29th of January, and if Obama could win it, it would be much needed momentum for Super Tuesday. Plus, it would take up the news cycles before the vote. All good things.

South Carolina, and the results came rather close. With 97% of the votes now in, John McCain did with with 33%, and scored himself 19 delegates. Mike Huckabee came in second with 30%, and won 5 delegates. Quite a big difference in terms of delegates for a 3% margin. The rest of the pack were as followed: Fred Thompson, 16%; Mitt Romney 15%; Ron Paul, 4%; Rudy Giuliani, 2%; Duncan Hunter, 0%. All of these guys won no delegates.

Duncan Hunter, the fringe-est of fringe candidates (next to Ron Paul), has dropped out of the race now. I don’t know what took him so long to be honest. I don’t know why he even entered the race. Wait! I remember: Because he’s a lunatic.

Finally, with these South Carolina results in, the delegate count for the Republicans is as follows:

  • Romney: 72
  • McCain: 38
  • Huckabee: 29
  • Thompson: 8
  • Paul: 6
  • Giuliani: 2
  • Hunter: 1

And with those results we can see that McCain jumps into second place. And the Republican candidature is still under a question mark. Romney has won the mid-west apparently, as is evidenced by his Nevada and Wyoming wins. McCain seems to be winning traditional states, like New Hampshire and South Carolina (the South). Huckabee is obviously appealing to ‘traditional’/religious voters (the Republican base – those who don’t want a Mormon). If Giuliani’s ‘big state’ plan doesn’t sprout fruit, then it will be a floor-fight between these tree. If it does, then the Republicans have even more problems.



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