Biggest day and week

Yes, this blog has set a few records for itself of late. Yesterday was the biggest day in terms of visitors. 161 through the 24 hour period, beating the previous best of 122, set on the 11th. And that capped off the biggest week this blog has seen. 532 visitors through the 7 days, beating the previous record of 429 set last week.

And already this blog has passed the record set for monthly visits. It stands, now, at 1165, beating 2007 November’s 1109. And there’s still 10/11 days left of January. This is the 34th post for the month, and will be equal to the most posts in a month (October ’07). So it looks to be a bumper month for Deus Lo Vult.

I attribute a lot of this success to a couple of posts. First, the P.S. I Love You post brought in a lot of visitors, as it was linked on one of the actor’s fansites and syndicated there. Secondly, and the primary reason, my Superdelegates post has brought in an insane amount of visitors every day a primary election is on. For example, yesterday, when 2 states were voting, 73 people viewed the post, found through various search engines. Over the past 30 days (and the post hasn’t existed for that long anyway), that post has brought 196 people to this blog alone. This is followed by Amelie vs. Garden State (73) and P.S. I Love You (70) and Mike Huckabee is an idiot (53) (which had been very popular through December). So you can see there is quite a bit of distance between first and second.

All in all, I’m rather proud of my efforts for the blog thus far. I have kept up a reasonably busy work schedule, still managed to go out every now and then, and in the end have produced what will be the best blogging month. I’ll be interested to see how the month finishes up. I could quite easily break the 40 post mar, what with South Carolina voting on the Democrats on the 26th, Florida voting on the Democrats and the Republicans on the 29th, and then we’re only a few days out from Super Tuesday, so there will be much polling data coming in. Plus, another cricket match starts on Thursday. And the Sojourn Group is playing tennis tomorrow, and something bloggable may come out of that.

Anyway, good times ahead.



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