Dennis Kucinich is out

The Democratic candidates seem to be dropping faster than the Republicans, now with Dennis Kucinich stating he plans to end his race for the Democratic nomination to ensure he is reelected for his congressional seat. Officially, his campaign will end in the next hours, when he announces it from Cleveland, Ohio. That’s not a bad move, because had he stayed in longer, he would have lost both his nomination race and his seat. He never stood a chance for the nomination anyway. He was far too left for the party to even get a sniff in. Strange that he tried this time, knowing full well that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama were big name players and both appealing to the whole party, including the left.

He’s now turning his focus to winning the primary race for his own congressional seat on March 4. He has some stiff competition this time around in Joe Cimperman. It’s going to be a hard and dirty fight for the seat between the Democrats, especially if this ad from Cimperman is anything to go by:

Interesting to note that he endorses the ad at the end, rather than the beginning. Anyone who watched The West Wing will find that an interesting point too.

At the end of the day though, Kucinich is going to be regarded as another fringe candidate, at best. By the time the voting started, he had really become a joke candidate. He reaffirmed his belief in UFO’s, something that I think is worse than the kiss of death for a politician. And he was more than eager to campaign with his wife. Well, maybe this point needs clarification. Kucinich is 61 years old; his wife is 30 years old. And let’s not forget he was the extreme-left candidate, so some of his remarks are quite good. Unfortunately, his policies were too ‘extreme’ for the party hierarchy, and they avoided them, and him, like spoiled food. By the end, he wasn’t even being invited to debates.

I’ll always remember him as the UFO candidate rather than anything else. It was a very funny story. Almost as funny as Ron Paul saying he would eliminate the income tax and all federal agencies and the Federal Reserve Bank. Now that’s funny.



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