Just a moment in time

My attempts to continue this great blogging month has been sabotaged! My computer has gone on the fritz after my father decided to paint the walls. I’m now on his laptop, and while I can still blog and all, it seems to take twice as long to do things. Especially with the touch-mouse and my limited experience with this keyboard. It makes it difficult to go between windows and tabs, meaning that any post that requires references takes twice as long, and then my interest is replaced by frustration. Oh, and spellcheck isn’t installed in this browser, so there’s a good chance you’ll see some.

Therefore, I’m left to post about something that doesn’t need referencing, nor research. That usually means movies or something personal. I recently watched March of the Penguins for the first time. Last night actually. It was great, for a documentary. The scenery and the cinematography was magnificent. Something amazing …

And I fixed the computer. I was so annoyed about it, then figured I couldn’t make it any worse (thankfully I had backed-up most of my things on Thursday for some strange reason), that if I fiddled around enough, I would either break it completely or fix it. And fix it I did! Now I can go back to posting about … stuff?



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