Blog stats for January

I can’t quite remember when my last ‘stats’ post was. I would have written something about December (maybe), though it wasn’t the best of months, nor the month I had the most blogging time. So I’m likely to not have. What that has to do with this post has absolutely nothing.

Anyway, January finished just now (according to WordPess), and I have my new statistics for the month. Earlier, I said that this would be the biggest month this blog has had to date. Well, the prediction has been true. You can see a trend with my blog: the day of, and the days either side of, a primary day in the U.S. sees my blog pull in 100+ visitors. For example, the South Carolina primary day saw 161 visitors come to the blog. The Florida primary day saw 116, with 131 to follow up. Nevada was 122. Iowa was 137.

Another trend I’ve seen is that no one knows what a superdelegate is – and they are coming to my blog to find out. I’ve seen two forums, and two blogs, link to my post saying that it’s a clear and excellent explanation of what a superdelegate is.

Onto numbers. My previous best month was November ’07, and 1109 visitors from the month. I set myself staged goals, and was aiming for 1200 this month. I achieved 2116 visitors for January. I’m astounded. I’ll break down these numbers.

The first week of January, I had 429 – a new best. But this record was soundly beat by the second week: 532. Following this, 490 and 463. In the first week was Iowa, the second week my superdelegates post.

For the last 30 day of January, the following posts were the most popular:

The most people, on one day, to read my superdelegate post was 73.

As you can see, there is a trend for people to come here looking for American politics-related posts. I guess my blog may have found its niche. And those visits don’t include the people who come here from a general linking to my blog and read posts.

Another achievement: The 10, 000th visitor (starting first with my Blogspot blog, then when I came over to WordPress blogs) arrived. I never had a chance to find out who it was, because they ticked by at a fast pace that day. But thank-you to that person, and to every who comes here on a regular basis.

Sitemeter says I had 2947 page views for the past month. A nice, healthy number too, if I do say.

And a couple of last details: I posted 45 times in January. This was big for me because I still kept up my working duties, and still went out with friends and the like. I blogged every Monday and Friday, and never on a Saturday. As a result, I only blogged on 21 days of the month, at a rate of more than two per day. And with a tick under 25,000 words, that’s a little over 1000 words of writing a day.

I am pleased with my efforts. I don’t know if this month will be replicated, in terms of popularity and blogging, for some time. February is coming, and I’m taking a week’s holiday with Andrew, plus I’ll have university things to tend to. And that that starts again – university. July I’m think of holidaying to the U.S. still. But I’ll say this now: Gone are the day of having 9 posts for an entire month.



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