A post from abroad

Hello all. I’m up here in Queensland having an … well, interesting time would be one way of saying it. I’ve been kept up to date with the election over in the U.S. and am very pleased at what I am hearing. The Pope has been my primary contact, and he has told me that a lot of pundits are calling Obama the leader in the delegate race. Big news indeed. If he is finally ahead in the count, then he will begin to establish a lead, and upon arriving at the ‘big’ states that Clinton is stronger in, will stand a better chance at holding her at bay.

I’m pleased that my predictions of a swept February are holding true so far. And, too, my analysis of some of the earlier states is proving to be true as well. Obama has won them all by big margins. D.C. he picked up 75% of the vote, Maryland 62%, and Virginia 64%. Clinton recieved 24%, 35%. and 35% respectively. Big margins there, which means big delegate leads in each state for Obama. And then the other states that have voted: Maine was an Obama win with 59% to 40%; Louisiana was another Obama win, 57% to 36%; and again Obama won in Washington68% to 31%. Big, convincing wins. These wins create the momentum needed to gain in-roads to the ‘big’ states that are coming up. Ohio and Texas are the next big ones coming up.

CNN has the total delegate count at 1215 for Obama, 1190 for Clinton. Of those, Obama is leading on the pleadged delegate count 1059 to 956, but trails on the superdelegate count 156 to 234. Obama has gained some sueperdelegates while I’ve been away, something I’m very glad to see. No doubt, this February performance will get him some more. If he could get really close to Clinton here, then he would be in such a better position. But with so many superdelegates still out, it’s very hard to make a prediction as to who has won the superdelegate race just yet.

Something that hasn’t been reported on by the news: Obama has romped home in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Obama gained 92% of the vote, Clinton just 8%. That left Obama with all 3 delegates that the island’s vote had up for grabs.



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