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This post is about the numbers for this blog over the past two weeks. The first week, where I was here for all bar two days, was the most successful week that the blog has seen. It ended up with 1,603 visits (by WordPress’s stats) for the seven-day period. The week just finished saw a reduced audience, though that is to be expected when I’m not here to blog each and every day. Only 811 visits for the seven days.

This brings the month’s views, so far, up to 2,865 so far. With many days left in the month, and me here for all of them to blog, I expect to break 3,000 visits for the month easily. This will be quite an achievement for this humble blog I feel.

In terms of the most viewed posts and pages, and I’m reporting on ‘all time’ results, Superdelegates ranks in first with 1,582 individual visits. Second is Amélie vs. Garden State with 356. A recent post comes in third: Obama news – Endorsements, money, debate with 278. I get quite a few regular visits to that, though I think from people expecting something different. The post is, now, old news. Fourth is Super Tuesday I – Democrats with 268. Fifth is Mike Huckabee is an idiot with 230. Sixth is Virginia and Maryland polls – Democrats on 218. And seventh, and the last post that has over 100 views individually, is Ron Paul: The only Republican you could get behind on 159.

For search terms, the ‘all time’ number one is ‘superdelegates’ on 538, second is ‘deus lo vult’ on 132, third is ‘huckabee is an idiot’ on 100, fourth is ‘what are superdelegates’ on 54, and fifth is ‘superdelegate’ on 50. No real surprises there if you look at what the most popular posts are.

My number 1 referrer (for ‘all time’) continues to be Old Lines from a Floating Life with 369, though there has been no growth there. Second is WordPress Dashboard, in all its incantations, on 333. Google is third on 104. Fourth is New Lines from a Floating Life with 80. And fifth is my old BlogSpot blog of Deus Lo Vult on 72.

And that’s a quick post about my blog stats. Looking to be another impressive month on the trot, and a month that once again goes against everything I predicted at the start for stats.



2 thoughts on “Blog stats

  1. Surely I won’t be able to keep this performance up for too long. There’s going to be an entire month without a primary race coming up, and then it really begins to trail off. Not to mention university is coming back. You don’t need to worry too much haha.

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