Blog-keeping news

As you can see, a new layout. And I can have my own banners up the top. Nifty! I’ll have some fun with that, that’s a certainty. I like the layout generally too. I almost went for a black background/white font option, but then I remembered that the more senior readers of this blog had difficulty last time I tried that.

Back to the banners though, I have many a photo to put up there. I’m thinking of putting up a new one every day (or whenever I have access really), so keep coming back to check them out! Also, that probably means that I’ll be sticking with this layout for a while – so get to like it.

And, to lessen confusion, I’ll even supply a short blurb about the photo. The current banner is a photo of The 18 Cup, resting on my Akubra hat, on the windowsill of my hotel room in Singapore, from the holiday I took in February of 2007. That was a very tight-fitting room, though very reasonable value for us two (my grandfather and I), and great for location. If I remember correctly, the bathroom was odd in that the shower had no ‘boundaries’ – no shelf or step to keep the shower curtain contained. I was ever afraid that the water would drain out to the bedrooms.

Also, I thought I’d point out to everyone that Eventus stultorum magister – Part II has been edited and expanded quite a bit. That one I threw up really was a progress one, and now it’s finished. I’ll get onto part 3 tomorrow afternoon I suspect.

And I believe that that is everything. Anything that needs to be said – comments, questions, complaints, requests (for banners perhaps?) – can just be commented to this. Maybe it would be a good way to familiarise yourself with where the new ‘Post A Comment’ link is? I don’t know where it is personally. Maybe at the bottom this time? Good luck finding it.



No, the comment link is located just below the title for the post.


3 thoughts on “Blog-keeping news

  1. This elderly gentleman thanks you, Thomas. I thought that Neil’s new layout was awful.

    Mind you, it’s not just the more ancient. If you look at all the high volume sights, they are designed to be read easily.

  2. No problem Jim. I assuming that some of the things I write are hard enough to read as is. No need to hinder the efforts of readers with a layout.

    Speaking of Neil’s layout, the four-columns is going to take me a while to get used to.

  3. Jim was talking about a silver on black job that was there for about twenty minutes. However, I am sure a whippersnapper like you will get used to the four columns, as you can safely ignore the left one and pay little attention to the two on the right… 😉 Jim is made happier because the text is again against a light background. (It won’t spread, and may revert after a while.)

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