Democrats Abroad Results

This has come up before on this blog. The voting ‘group’ known as the Democrats Abroad held their primary elections from February 5th until the 12th, and gave U.S. voters overseas the chance to vote. I had originally thought that the results would be in when the Democrats Abroad group held their convention in April (12-13), however, it seems that the results were released early.

It’s another win for Barack Obama, winning 65% of the votes. This also makes his 11th straight win in the primary process. With this result, Obama has (so far) won 2.5 of the delegates that the Democrats Abroad send to the Democratic National Convention. He only gets 2.5 because he won 5 of the 9 delegates tied to the vote (out of the 14 total), and those 5 only count for half a vote on the D.N.C. floor. Hillary Clinton won 4 delegate through the vote, and this gives her two.

164 countries participated in the online vote, while 30 countries had polling booths that allowed people to turn out in person. There were roughly 20,000 votes registered. I would be interested to see some more numbers on the voting – where the most people voted, some demographic results, etc. But I doubt any news station will be covering this news in such depth.

The Democrats Abroad global convention will now be used to select the remaining 5 delegates for the D.N.C.. They are superdelegates, so their allegiance (or 2.5 votes) might not matter for much considering the global convention is being held in Vancouver, April 12 through 13.

This was just an update to the post, and the thread of comments that showed that someone was interested in the whole Democrats Abroad process. But it does put Obama a tiny bit closer to the nomination. At the moment, the race stands at this juncture:

Total Delegates:

  • Barack Obama: 1365.5
  • Hillary Clinton: 1273

Pledged Delegates:

  • Barack Obama: 1192.5
  • Hillary Clinton: 1035


  • Barack Obama: 173
  • Hillary Clinton: 238

The magic number required for nomination, for the Democrats, is 2025 delegates. Because probably neither candidate will reach this number, and the superdelegates will be left to decide the nominee, I suspect the winner will be the one with the more pledged delegates come the end of the race. Unless, of course, Clinton pulls out when she loses Texas and  Vermont, and splits Ohio and Rhode Island come the 4th of March.

And, maybe because readers might care, here is the count for the Republicans:

Total Delegates:

  • John McCain: 975
  • Mike Huckabee: 245
  • Ron Paul: 14

Unpledged R.N.C.:

  • John McCain: 81
  • Mike Huckabee: 5
  • Ron Paul: 0

It should be noted that, while out of the race, John Edwards still has 26 (all pledged delegates), and Mitt Romney still has 272 (1 unpledged R.N.C.).


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