New banner – Chasing emus

As you can see, there’s a new banner up for the blog. This time it’s a photo courtesy of Mr. Rabbit. That’s your’s truly chasing after an emu back when the two of us visited the Ombudsman in Menindee. The story surrounding this was that the Ombudsman had told us that he heard that if you chase the emus, they run away fast. I also think that the Ombudsman had told Mrs. Ombudsman this, and she chased one to the same result.

Knowing that chances like this are few and far between, I set off after the emu for a bit of fun. Thankfully, Mr. Rabbit had his camera handy, and snapped a photo at the perfect time. Trailing behind me, as it had blown off, is my Akurbra hat. You’ll see it poised perfectly in mid air over my shoulder.

Suffice to say, I never did catch that emu. In fact, we watched it, and the one it was was, run for quite some time, eventually making a hill that was a very long way away, and running up and over that.

Anyway, a new banner, as promised.



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